Slavers of Inora

Grurun's Ogre Slavers

Session 1

The halfling, Thyme, had been tracking a trio of ogres from her homeland of Mence to the elven land of Eryor far to the north. Her and a group of other rangers managed to continually sneak halfling after halfling captive without the dimwitted ogres noticing what had happened. The other rangers had abandoned her to saftely escort the captives back home but Thyme wasn't going to give up until every last captive was free and the leader of this slave trade, Grurun, was killed. Little did she know that when she caught back up with the ogres in the Siffen forest that she'd find more than just halflings in their hold.

Five halflings sat in a massive, hollow tree that twisted all the way up towards the canopy. Among them were a dark elf, a satyr and a pixie who were all shackled and chained, including the jar that the pixie was trapped inside of.

The ogre trio argued amongst themselves until one of them grumbled and read something off of a piece of paper as if performing a ritual. He uttered the words "Thuumzine Nok Kol’Vckzol." After this was uttered, a human appeared before them much to the ogre's surprise. It seems they were expecting some kind of devil, but satisfied with a human slave, they clubbed him over the head to be captured all the same.

Thyme waited patiently for an opportunity, acting once the ogres were distracted by a creature in the brush. She freed the slaves, tending to the halflings and paying little attention to the other's appreciation. The loud noise they gave off alerted the ogres who pushed a massive rock in front of the tree to block it off to quell their escape, but it was discovered that there was a strange stairway leading down from a pattern of moss and nightshade growing around the opening panel.

The group discovered what was known as Darlas' tomb, an ancient dwarven site that was created during the struggle between dwarf and elf for the land that is now called Eryor. While entering, they discovered a grey moss that was poisonous to inhale and very flammable covering a door. But instead of finding a doormant crypt of dwarves laid to rest, they found their skeletal bodies animated by masses of vines and swarming onyx beetles.

After their first battle, they introduced themselves, the satyr, Din, Gwylyss the dark elf, Malia the pixie, Thyme, the halfling, and Itheus, the human rogue. They fought their way to a center chamber that split in three directions, one being the tomb of Darlas who raided elven settlements for their food to feed her starving people. It was Itheus who rushed to her tomb, overtaken by his greed and carelessness to discover that it was trapped. The braziers in the room ignited, setting him ablaze and causing the grey moss to combust, creating an explosion. Despite this, he strangely seemed unaffected aside from some singed clothes. It seems he was rewarded with Darlas' hammer and mummified elven ears to which he strangely took.

The party then traveled northward, finding a grand brazier with dwarven etching that the party was unable to read. Animated skeletons rose from the coffins to attack them along with a pair of ancient dwarven statues that aimed to defend the their sacred burial ground. Din quickly discovered that there were runes on the ground that would light their torches with a unique fire to set the brazier ablaze with each new fire opening the door further. Blades and magic flew with the statues axes cutting through Itheus and Gwylyss, badly injuring both of them, but the statues soon crumbled to the rest of the party.

With the door open, the party escaped back into the Siffen forest and away from the searching ogres to Thyme's rendezvous point. 


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