Welcome to the continent of Inora. 

Long before mortals ruled, the race known as prejorans created everything seen across the land. Chaos ensued over how the world would look and function to the point where they quickly exterminated each other. Many races were made to help combat the other prejorans and those that now reside in the world are the mortal races who revere the victors of the war as gods. The gods that were left mysteriously vanished, leaving the mortals to rule, but their control was usurped by three beings of colossal power and influence.

The Colossal Lords -as they were called – took control over portions of the continent, subjugating the mortals for many decades. But the mortals mustered enough of their cunning and strength to fight these beings, cleansing them from their land and rightfully taking back what was theirs. Though these lords were supposedly vanquished, their influence still lurks in the world throughout the new era.

Slavers of Inora

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