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  • Urnt

    [[:urnt | Urnt]] is pushy and rough above all else with a hatred of halflings as strong as any ogre's. He works as a slaver for Grurun, hoping that someday that he will be his right hand man.

  • Oosh

    Oosh is the reasonable and most civil one of the ogre trio. His only real goal is to learn. Grurun has promised him that after they've collected enough money that he'll make sure he gets an education in some shape or form. He looks up to Grurun which is …

  • Grud

    Though he thinks he'll amount to greatness someday, Grud has little in leadership skills or smarts. He is little more than an ogre who does as he's told and is easy to influence.

  • Grurun

    Grurun is the leader of the ogres who've been enslaving halflings from Mence and selling them to buyers to the far north in Vesoja. He is cruel to the smaller races but looks out for his ogre brethren, no matter how rough around the edges he seems to be …

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