The leader of the ogres who've been enslaving halflings.

Monstrous even among his own kind, Grurun stands above the burliest of ogres. He has a gold and jeweled ring in his outward belly button and patches of armor all along the vulnerable parts of his body. His eyes are beady and blood red and he has a large gash going from his shoulder blade all the way down across his stomach. On his back it looks like he carries some sort of large sword that looks more like a butcher’s blade and a cudgel.

Grurun is the leader of the ogres who’ve been enslaving halflings from Mence and selling them to buyers to the far north in Vesoja. He is cruel to the smaller races but looks out for his ogre brethren, no matter how rough around the edges he seems to be with them.

Little else is known about his is known, yet.


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